Assistant Veterinary Technician: Requisition # – 082089

Columbia University is seeking a qualified and licensed assistant veterinary technician to
Provide general technical assistance to the veterinary staff and researchers; provide care for research animals. Perform routine health care procedures and conduct daily animal health evaluations. Evaluate animals within assigned area, or as assigned, and report abnormal findings to an ICM veterinarian. Provide the necessary treatment as directed by the veterinarian. Communicate findings and plan with the responsible researcher and building husbandry supervisor. Document animal health abnormalities, diagnostic plan,diagnosis treatment plan, and treatments. Provide veterinary technical support to the researchers as per the protocol including, but not limited to: euthanasia, necropsy and tissue harvest. Assist in training courses on the safe and humane handling, restraint and manipulation of research animals. Administer the sentinel animal/colony health monitoring program and collect the necessary samples for sentinel testing. Maintain an inventory of technical and medical equipment and supplies, maintain and order supplies (disposable items) keep records of annual equipment services for equipment such as anesthetic vaporizers, etc. Responsible for maintaining the isoflurane machine (ex. weighing the F/air canisters). Maintain the cleanliness of all prep/procedure rooms and surgical areas; assist with the development of standard operating procedures and guidelines; operates and uses equipment and supplies according to SOPs to ensure proper bio security and safety. perform other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Minimum qualifications – Bachelors or associate degree; licensed veterinary technician (LVT)or certified veterinary technician (CVT)

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