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10 Reasons YOU should become a member…

• To be a voice of the association that represents you and your profession.
• To share your experiences and connect with colleagues and comrades throughout the veterinary community.
• To show your commitment to education as a veterinary paraprofessional.
• To gain access to reduced registration rates for all NJVTA seminars/conferences and many other animal care organizations as well. Some are Free!
• To stay informed. Our social media keeps you connected to news and events relevant to your interests.
• The opportunity to pursue further certification as a Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) and/or a Veterinary Technologist (B.S. CVT).
• Business and networking opportunities. Catapult your Career!
• Reduced membership rates for NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America).
• Career and success mentoring and counseling.
• Opportunities to volunteer for the organization and/or for animal charity events.

Membership in the NJVTA is available in three categories:
Certified Veterinary Technician/Technologist Membership
General Membership is open to Veterinary Assistants and Support Staff
Student Membership is open to Veterinary Technology/Veterinary Assistant Students

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)
What it means to be a Credentialed Technician

An individual who is a graduate from a two or four-year, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Technology program and who has passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam, (VTNE) meets the requirements to apply for registration as a credentialed veterinary technician.

Credentialing Guidelines

New Registrant Requirements:
Please read the requirements carefully before submitting any forms or payments. Incomplete or incorrect documentation will delay application processing.
1. Graduate of an AVMA-accredited Technician/Technology program (2 or 4 yr, including accredited distance learning) and a passing score on the Veterinary Technician National Exam, (VTNE).
2. The NJVTA will allow for Certification by Reciprocity from another state for Veterinary Technicians when the following is true: a.) Applicants have received a passing score on the VTNE b.) Applicants are active “members in good standing” in the state’s credentialing organization, whether it be a state board agency or technician association.
The NJVTA does not guarantee nor imply that reciprocity will be granted when transferring to another state from New Jersey due to differing educational, work experience, and licensing requirements.

Do you meet these requirements to be eligible for credentialing? Fill out the CVT Membership Application Form

Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.

“Go green with the NJVTA”
Join us as we continue to “go green”. Starting with all 2014 certifications and renewals, the NJVTA will be sending PDF certificates. This is not only an environmentally correct action, but it will also help us to keep raises in membership fees to a minimum.

CE Requirements: 20 hours every two years.
1. Copies of CE certificates must be submitted with renewal.
2. CE constitutes attending or participating in a program designed as enhancement, not primary, education. CE may include, but is not limited to: in person attendance at lectures and wet-labs, online CE, journal readings with quizzes that are submitted to bona-fide CE provider. If question as to whether a certain program is acceptable. please ask at the time. RACE-approval currently not required.
a. Local, state, regional and national meetings will be accepted, as well as online CE. Example – NJVTA, NJVMA, AAHA, AVMA, AALAS, VSPN, VetMedTeam, ACVC, Zoetis, Abbott, Idexx, Hills, NAVC, CVC, WVC, NEVTEA, BCC/VT Club, ACVIM, Dental Forum, IVECCS, Veterinary Schools/Universities, other Vet Tech State Associations and other state VMAs, other specialty organizations where a certificate or letter is generated.
b. If candidate is the speaker, instructor or wet-lab presenter, CE hrs will be given on a 2:1 hourly basis for time presented. Please include copy of the program that states you are the presenter. Presentations or CE articles must be from within the time period of registration for which CE is needed.
c. If candidate has an article published as CE for others, then the same # of hours will be awarded to the author as the participant. Please submit relevant information. Examples of activities that are not considered CE are training of staff as part of regular employment, supervision of staff, authoring of texts or non ce-articles. Presentations or CE articles must be from within the time period of registration for which CE is needed. CE may be submitted to a maximum of 50% of the hours needed.
d. Attendance at exhibits. If CE provider’s attendance sheet provides a spot for hrs spent in exhibit hall, and candidate has attended such, candidate may include up to 1.5 hrs./yr. or a total of 3 hrs. out of the 20 required for renewal in this manner. This is a maximum. of 15% as exhibit hall attendance.
e. Business, human behavior and other types of CE may be submitted to a maximum of 75% of the hours needed. 25% (5 hrs.) must be technician/scientific-type CE.
3. CE hours obtained and submitted within the current credentialing period (i.e. January through when candidate submits renewal application) may not be “re-used” for the next credentialing period
Period of Credentialing: Biennial following the calendar year January 1st to December 31st Initial applications may be received at any time during the year, but the period of credentialing will still follow the calendar year and expire Dec. 31st at the end of the second year.
Fees: The two year combined membership and credentialing fee is $80.00
Late Registration Renewals: For renewals received after April 1st, candidate must show proof of required CE within the last two years and pay a late fee of $10.00, total fee $90.00
Lapsed Registration Renewals: For renewals received one year or more late, candidate must show proof of required CE within the last two years and pay a reinstatement fee of $20.00 in addition to regular renewal fee of $80.00, total fee $100.00

Download the CVT Renewal Application Form

Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing
If supplemental materials are requested and we do not receive a response within three (3) months, your application and check will be returned.

The New Jersey Veterinary Technicians and Assistants is the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) recognized Veterinary Technician credentialing organization. Registration is voluntary and not, a requirement to work as a ‘veterinary technician’ in New Jersey. The ‘State of New Jersey’ does not license, certify, register or otherwise regulate Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary Assistant & Support Staff
What it means to be a Veterinary Assistant

A veterinary assistant supports the veterinarian and veterinary technician. Veterinary assistants tasks may include the following:
• Feeding and general husbandry of hospitalized patient
• Cleaning and setting up equipment
• Customer service representative
• Restraint of animals

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Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Veterinary Technology Students & Veterinary Assistant Students

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