Columbia University is seeking a qualified and licensed senior veterinary technician
Maintain surgical equipment, supplies and rooms for aseptic surgical procedures. Cleans and sanitizes the surgical theater, and cleans and sterilizes surgical equipment post-operatively. Supports all surgical procedures: pre-operatively, intra­ operatively, and post-operatively.

Specific Duties:

1} Pre-operative duties:

  • Ensure that surgical theater is sanitized;
  • Ensure that drugs and supplies are in-date (not expired);
  • Ensure that surgical equipment is serviceable and prepared;
  • Pre-position prepared equipment and supplies within the surgical theater for efficient conduct of the surgical procedures (set-up for surgery);
  • Assist with surgeon and patient pre-operative procedures, as directed;

2) Intra-operative duties: Supports the surgical team by providing additional equipment and supplies as needed, and by providing relief to anesthetist or other monitoring personnel, as needed;

3) Post-operative duties:

  • Clean surgical instruments and prepare the packs for steam or gas sterilization;
  • Sterilize, date, and store the surgery packs and sterile supplies;
  • Cleans and sanitizes surgical rooms;
  • Ensures all surgical equipment is well maintained and operational;

4) Other duties:

  • Perform weekly function tests for steam and gas autoclaves;
  • Sterilize surgical equipment and supplies, as needed;
  • Launder re-usable surgical towels, scrubs, and other cloth supplies, as needed;
  • Maintains surgical corridors, surgeon preparation areas and patient preparation areas;
  • Unpacks and stores all incoming supplies;
  • Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors or Associate Degree; Licensed Veterinary (LVT) or Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT).
AALAS certification as a Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT)
Mandatory weekend/holiday/evening hours on a rotating basis.

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