If you are in support of the VNI, please see the message below from Ken Yagi regarding the need for immediate support for the VNI currently in action in Ohio.

Dear highly esteemed colleagues,

The Veterinary Nurse Initiative is currently working with the Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians to pass a bill through the House of Representatives which will change Registered Veterinary Technicians to Registered Veterinary Nurse, making Ohio the first state with the RVN title with appropriate credential requirements, scope of practice, CE requirements, and title protection.

We are, however, in need to rally support for the bill, because the Ohio Nurses Association is calling to their members to oppose the bill. Their sole argument is that the term “nurse” by definition only applies to those who work on human beings. However, there are a large number of nurses speaking up against the ONA's decision to oppose the bill.

We need your help in calling out to the nurses and members of the public who will support our profession alongside us.

We are putting together some quick social media videos that will ask nurses and the members of the public for their help in supporting the bill. If you are willing, please record a video of a veterinary technician describing their role in the veterinary practice, and asking for support, along with the above tagline. It would be ideal if the veterinary technician is in scrubs and in a clean hospital background, though it's ok if it's a video taken at home.

The person on video would:
1. Start out by explaining what a part of their day looks like, emphasizing examples of when they are utilized well in their education and training. Try to do this without revealing that you are at a veterinary practice.
2. Introduce themselves as a veterinary technician and state their role in the practice.
3. Explain that we are trying to standardize our credential under the title Registered Veterinary Nurse, and to support HB 501 in Ohio.
4. End by saying “Pets need nurses too”

For example:

“In my daily work I care for critically ill patients that are hospitalized that often require IV fluids, pain control, antibiotics and other medications, and monitoring of their vital status. Our team of trained professionals assesses the patients' cardiovascular, respiratory, neurologic, and various systems, and gauge the response to treatments. Using our critical thinking abilities, we make a determination of when the doctor needs to be notified and leverage our education and experience to recommend changes in the treatment plan. We provide the nursing care necessary to guide our patients back to health.

Hello. My name is Ken Yagi. I'm a Registered Veterinary Technician and a Veterinary Technician Specialist in ECC and SAIM. I work in the ICU at a busy 24 hour veterinary practice.

We need your help in standardizing our credential under the title of Registered Veterinary Nurse. Please support the Ohio House Bill, HB 501 to help us establish our identity as veterinary nurses.

Did what I do during my daily practice sound like what a nurse in human healthcare does?

Pets need nurses too.”

Send me this video, and I will edit it to add information regarding how to support HB 501 and pass it along to the residents of Ohio. We need the videos ASAP to use it fully.

Showing strong support for this bill right now, before the vote on April 10th is critical to the success of our national effort.